What's (Not So) New

May 2, 2000:  Beta 3 is out which addresses a few minor issues (listed in an included text file). Please get it and let me know if there is anything wrong.

April 26, 2000:  I have released beta 2 which fixes a bunch of issues (which are listed in an included text file). Please grab it. A final version of 2.0 should be released in a bit.

April 1, 2000:  metapad 2.0 has been released as a public beta. Please download it and let me know if you find any problems. Check out the readme.txt to find out what is new! (NB: I won't be adding any further features to this release.) I've also updated the metaFAQ and I've put up a copy of 1.0 on the download page just for fun. Check it out.. it's rad!

February 8, 2000:  I've been working on 2.0 in my spare time (which is quite minimal as of late). Stay tuned.. it will be released!

November 8, 1999:  I have released 1.42 which fixes a few bugs (get this if you are having problems with loading files on a network). I have also set up a mailing list so you can be updated by me whenever a new version of metapad is released. Also.. metapad 2.0 is nearing completion and a beta version should be ready RSN!

September 24, 1999:  Get metapad 1.41 which fixes some minor bugs (like not seeing the status text if you have a weird font - now you can set the width in the advanced settings).

September 22, 1999:  metapad 1.4 is finally done! Got some great new features.. check out the readme.txt to see what exactly is new. Tell me what you think! I also made some major updates to the metaFAQ (including a TOC) so please check it out.

September 9, 1999:  I am working on metapad 1.4 and 2.0 simultaneously. Version 1.4 will be out quite soon. It will be very solid with many bugs fixed and some cool new features. Version 2.0 should have such things as multi undo/redo, hyperlinks and unlimited file sizes although it won't be around for a while yet.

August 26, 1999:  Aaron Hawley has created some snazzy metapad web buttons that you can stick on your own page to help support metapad! Check them out here.

August 19, 1999:  Another Update: I'm back home from school now but it's taken a bit longer to unwind from a tough term. I have started working on metapad and the next release will be ready... when it's ready ;).

June 30, 1999:  Update: I'm currently in school right now and will be starting to work on metapad again in August. See the notice on the top of the page to see what I have cooking for the next release! ZDNet Editor's Pick (4 Stars)

May 12, 1999:  Got a 4 star rating on ZDNet! Read the review here.

April 28, 1999:  Version 1.3 released with some great features. Grab it here.

April 8, 1999:  Version 1.2 released. Plenty of nice new features.

March 27, 1999:  Featured in the Lockergnome weekly edition!

March 26, 1999:  Updated metapad (again!) Version 1.1 adds WYSIWYG (optional) printing support. Also added more options (relating to printing and viewer launch).

March 25, 1999:  Updated metapad. Version 1.0b fixes an infinite loop dealing with Replace All.

March 24, 1999:  Updated metapad. Version 1.0a fixes a bug where the accelerator Ctrl+A wasn't working. Added the metaFAQ.

March 23, 1999:  Featured in the Lockergnome daily edition (an awesome e-zine)!!!

March 20, 1999:  Site goes up.

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